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Elysian, A Restaurant - Kitchen Bar in Nicosia, Cyprus for Memorable Culinary Experiences

Elysian, A

Restaurant in Nicosia

, Cyprus
for Memorable Culinary Experiences

Elysian Plant-based Kitchen Bar is a new restaurant in the heart of Nicosia, serving healthy and delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. 

Our restaurant is cozy and elegant – the perfect place for all food lovers in Cyprus. At Elysian Plant-based Kitchen Bar, you can meet up with your friends, relax and feast on a healthy and creative cuisine made with the freshest ingredients.

The Elysian Plant-based Kitchen Bar team will be there to help you, serve you and guide you through the fresh dishes of the day and our all-time-veganized-classics.

The idea behind Elysian Plant-based Kitchen Bar was to create a restaurant with an “Elysian”, divine atmosphere. But Elysian uniqueness does not stop at the warm and homely atmosphere. It’s a place where exciting tastes, stunning interiors and unsurpassed service intertwine to create a sense of well-being, abundance and happiness. Teal and harmonious colour palettes create an oasis of calm and offer a sense of elegance and luxury. 

At Elysian Plant-based Kitchen Bar, we take classic Cypriot, Mediterranean and ethnic recipes to a whole new level with innovative, plant-based specialities. We are open every day, serving mouth-watering pies, toasties, smoothies, salads, and a unique variety of tasty sides, sauces and dips. Our exquisite vegan burgers, yummy wraps and flavourful gyro will make your taste buds sing! 

If you’re looking for a restaurant in Nicosia that focuses on seasonality and adjusts its menu based on the circle of seasons, then Elysian Plant-based Kitchen Bar is the place to visit. Our assortment of light meals and beverages is handmade with fresh, seasonal products. We never compromise on quality, taste and textures. After all, it’s our healthy and yummy food and beverages that steals the show!

The Elysian Plant-based Kitchen Bar menu is continuously growing, as we like to try out new natural flavours, tastes and superfoods. We also want to evolve; that’s why we invest in studying cookbooks, taking inspiration for new, healthy and scrumptious plant-based recipes. 

Our fun and friendly team is committed to our customers who come to our restaurant, order online or reserve a table and ensures that every guest feels welcome and happy.

Visit the Elysian Plant-based Kitchen Bar a vegan restaurant in Nicosia and embark on a divine plant-based food journey that will uplift your soul!