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Elysian, A Cafe in Nicosia, Cyprus that Feels like Home​

Elysian, A

Cafe in Nicosia

, Cyprus that Feels like Home​

Looking for a revitalizing cup of coffee to enjoy together with a light and healthy meal in Cyprus’ beautiful capital? The Elysian plant-based restaurant and vegan café at the heart of Nicosia is a must-go place for all of you who like to relax and indulge in delicious food and beverages.

Picture a home with its door open to anyone who comes to taste quality coffee and divine, healthy and nutritious recipes. This is Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar. A unique space for invigorating your soul and escaping with a smooth cup of coffee. A social space, a coffee house, an events venue, with people and plant-based deliciousness at its heart.

Whether you’re craving beans and ground coffee or takeaway vegan drinks and cakes, Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar has got you covered. Apart from quality cappuccino, latte, espresso, and frappe coffee, we also serve hot teas to warm your body and heart during the cold winter days.

George & Ariadni, the founders of Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar, travelled the world trying out plant-based cafes and restaurants. The journeys around the globe expanded their culinary horizons and filled them with experiences that we wanted to share with all coffee lovers here in Cyprus. With the dream to bring some of the globally inspired recipes to Cyprus, Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar came into being.

Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar opened its doors in 2020 in the heart of Nicosia. We have created an elegant cafeteria and culinary sanctuary where everyone can enjoy simple, fresh and healthy vegan food & coffee together with beloved friends, colleagues and family.

Our venue is vibrant and relaxed with a touch of elegance. The Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar team will be there to help you, serve you and guide you through our rich menu of coffees and meals for any time of the day.

For those wondering how we came up with the name Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar for our cafe and restaurant, the word roots in the idyllic Greek mythological place Elysian Fields. A heavenly resting place created by the Gods for heroic souls to spend eternity. It also means divinely inspired, beautiful and creative, peaceful and perfect. With this in mind, the Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar team created a warm and welcoming vegan cafe that feels like a small paradise in the heart of Nicosia.

With Elysian’s world-class quality coffee served, you can start your day with energy and happiness. Because all you need is coffee, food and everything will be good! You can also order online or reserve a seat on our restaurant to order your coffee.