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Elysian, Your Health Food Restaurant in Cyprus​

Elysian, Your

Health Food Restaurant

in Cyprus​

Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar is a lovely local restaurant in Nicosia offering a great variety of healthy food for health-conscious food lovers. We use organic and plant-based ingredients to make dishes of amazing taste and quality. Most of these ingredients come from local organic farms.

No other healthy food restaurant in Cyprus serves such a delicious and highly nutritious food selection of vegan burgers, refreshing drinks, fruity and colorful smoothies, healthy sides and sauces and more.


Healthy Takeaway

The elysian team is passionate about healthy food and that’s reflected on our menu that includes:

  • Healthy Starters & Sides

Cyprus potato fries, avocado slices, pitta chips, nachos and many signature & traditional sauces.     

  • Healthy Burgers & Buns

Homemade, juicy and super nutritious burgers, buns and hot dogs to tantalize your palate. 

  • Healthy & Fresh Salads

Filled with fresh and seasonal veggies, fruits, seeds, superfoods & other plant-based ingredients.

  • Healthy Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way with a variety of sugar-free and gluten-free desserts.

The Elysian team wants to pave the way for a healthier, more sustainable and harmonious lifestyle. We are on a mission to inspire the world with our homemade, healthy plant-based and super nutritious delicacies without causing harm to other sentient beings with whom we cohabit our lovely planet. 

It’s no secret that plant-based fresh foods has the biggest benefit for our health, too! That’s why Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar focuses on quality and organic food. We also strive to create an ultimate sustainable experience by making sure no plastic comes in or out of our restaurant.


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Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar is all about healthy food and uplifting culinary experiences!

And if you’re wondering where the name Elysian comes from, it’s a word that roots in the idyllic Greek mythological place Elysian Fields. A heavenly resting place created by the Gods for heroic souls to spend eternity in. It also means divinely inspired, beautiful and creative, peaceful and perfect. With this in mind, the Elysian team endeavoured to create a vibrant, warm and welcoming place that would feel like a small paradise for healthy food at the heart of Nicosia.