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Top-notch Restaurants In Strovolos
Top-notch Restaurants In Strovolos

Do you have plans to visit Strovolos for a holiday and want to know where to dine? We’ve got your back!

We’ll take you to the city’s greatest chefs and culinary experts, and natives strongly advise us, so you can enjoy the finest meals only Strovolos has to offer while you’re in town. Here are five of the best restaurants to try when you’re in Strovolos!

Deb’s Diner Cafe

Conveniently situated in the center of Strovolos, Deb’s Diner Cafe is the most popular diner in town and among tourists and locals! Visit us at Nicosia, Kalamone 16, Cyprus 2032 and enjoy a dining experience unlike any other.


Schedule a reservation with us at +357 22 473420 and savor an authentic Strovolos dining experience at Deb’s Diner Cafe.


Andreas Restaurant – Take Away

Are you looking for a fantastic place to eat while in the city? Andreas Restaurant – Take Away in Prodromou, Strovolos, Cyprus has one of the greatest food varieties in the area.

Give us a call at +357 22 429420 and If you’re hungry after touring the In Cyprus Exarchate of the Holy Sepulchre, try this restaurant, which is only available in this sector of Nicosia!


Food Park City

This Restaurant is located in the center of Strovolos, where you may taste all of the city’s distinct flavors. Food Park City is in Tseriou 180, Strovolos, Cyprus, and it’s highly recommended by top-notch chefs and other culinary sites.

Call us at +357 22 283320 and dine at one of the best local restaurants in the area!


La Sushi Tsia

This is another wonderful sushi spot to visit in Strovolos. La Sushi Tsia, located on Stavrou Avenue 20D, Strovolos 2035, Cyprus, is a one-of-a-kind Japanese restaurant that allows you to enjoy tastes and meals that are only available in Strovolos.

Call us at +357 22 260051 and book a reservation at La Sushi Tsia!



Avgerinos is a must-visit for everyone visiting Strovolos for any length of time. Stationed at Thoukididou, Strovolos, Cyprus.

Schedule a reservation with us at +357 22 428474 and enjoy one of Strovolos’s best restaurants!


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Elysian Plant based Kitchen Bar Popular Vegan Food
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