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Top-notch Restaurants in Agios Dometios

Top-notch Restaurants in Agios Dometios

Staying at Agios Dometios for a vacation and want to know the best places to have a meal at? We got your back! Direct from the city’s greatest chefs and culinary pros and strongly recommended by the natives, we’re going to make sure you indulge in the best dishes only Agios Dometios can give you while you’re in town. Here’s a list of the finest five restaurants you should dine in while you’re in Agios Dometios!


Pissas Taverna

Conveniently based at the heart of Agios Dometios, Pissas Taverna is the best and most popular restaurant among travelers and locals alike! Visit us at B18, Agios Dometios, and experience Greek and Mediterranean cuisines are to visitors’ taste at Pissas Tavern. Schedule a reservation with us at 22 773378 and savor an authentic Agios Dometios dining experience at Pissas Taverna.




Are you searching for a fantastic restaurant to eat at while you’re in the city? Odofragma is one of the most incredible food selections in Agios Dometios, found in Andrea Kariou, Agios Dometios. Give us a ring at 99 657270 and enjoy a Cyprus Tavern next to the Agios Dometios checkpoint that you can only find in this part of town!



Aero Fish & Chips

Found right in the heart of Agios Dometios, this restaurant lets you savor all the different flavors of the city. Aero is a small, family-run business with a big heart and a love of good food. Why Aero? A pilot from Cyprus Airways initially founded it, and the baton was passed to another pilot from Cyprus Airways hence our famous Captain’s Fish & Chips (which also comes in a plant-based version!) Specializing in take-away and delivery of delicious fish and chips, homemade burgers, and specials such as our very own entrecôte steak in Gravias 3 Agios Dometios, 2369, recommended by Agios Dometios’s top-notch chefs and numerous culinary sites. Call us at 22 019909 and dine at one of the best local restaurants in the area!



Ταβέρνα Ζορπά

This is another excellent restaurant to eat at while you’re in Agios Dometios. Based in Ayiou Pavlou 142, Agios Dometios, Ταβέρνα Ζορπά are a fine dining and excellent restaurant and lets you enjoy flavors and meals you’ll only be able to get in Agios Dometios. Call us at 22 777715 and book a reservation at Ταβέρνα Ζορπά!



Alfa Pizza Agios Dometios

Whether you’re in Agios Dometios for a couple of days or having an extended getaway, you positively have to include Alfa Pizza Agios Dometios on your itinerary. It is located at 48 Gregori Afxentiou, B18, Agios Dometios Λεωφ, B18 48Δ, 2360. Η Alfa Pizza είναι Κυπριακή αλυσίδα καταστημάτων πίτσας και φαγητών. Διαθέτει 11 καταστήματα και ξεχωρίζει για την ποιότητα και εξυπηρέτηση που προσφέρει. Schedule a reservation with us at 22 779898 and enjoy one of Agios Dometios’s best restaurants!



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If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant near Agios Dometios then please visit Elysian Plant Based Kitchen Bar in Nicosia today.

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Elysian is the first 100% plant-based restaurant in Cyprus, creating a delicious & super nutritious culinary experience for all health-conscious food lovers. Our mission is to inspire customers with our food, our people and our values. Here, we'll share with you the latest plant-based food news, healthy cooking tips and more.

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Elysian Plant based Kitchen Bar Popular Vegan Food
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