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The Best Hotels In Strovolos For Your Rest And Relaxation
The Best Hotels In Strovolos For Your Rest And Relaxation

Getting a packed timetable so you can make the most of your holiday is the most pleasurable and exciting aspect of going to Strovolos.

After a busy day of touring sights, dining in the area’s top restaurants, and strolling around town to enjoy the breathtaking views all around, you’re entitled to relax in a pleasant, relaxing room.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest hotels in Strovolos that offer high-quality lodgings and a pleasant environment, guaranteed to make your stay an unforgettable experience!

Strovolos rooms Studios hotels

Strovolos rooms Studios hotels take your stay at Strovolos to a whole new level! Having served the city for several years, which gives you a taste of the incredible life in Strovolos Just give us a call at +357 95 528090 and check in at Eleonon 221, Strovolos 2048, Cyprus for the best time at Strovolos!


Hilton Nicosia

Hilton Nicosia is the ideal hotel for history and travel enthusiasts, with stunning history and fascinating customs of Strovolos on display. In an upmarket hotel that offers dining, a spa & pools, and is located in the heart of the city at Achaion 1, Egkomi 2413, Cyprus, it features Modern rooms & suites

Call in at +357 22 695111 and make a reservation for your stay for an one-of-a-kind experience and superior lodging.


Urban Habitat Hostel

Urban Habitat Hostel is regarded by both tourists and locals as one of the greatest places to stay in Strovolos. Providing you with a welcoming atmosphere as well as total rest and relaxation.

At +357 94 044338, drop a call and check in at Mnasiadou 11-Floor 2, Nicosia 1065 Cyprus. Get some well-deserved rest and relaxation at Urban Habitat Hostel so you can enjoy the rest of your stay in Strovolos!


Semeli Hotel

At Semeli Hotel, you’ll enjoy simple pleasures, great cuisine, and lovely facilities. Views of the city from warm rooms with balconies at a peaceful hotel with a traditional atmosphere, featuring dining and a hammam.

Give us a call at +357 22 452121 and come visit us at Petraki Giallourou 10, Street 1077, Cyprus. Enjoy your holiday to the utmost at Semeli Hotel, where you may unwind!


Averof Hotel

Averof Hotel is the perfect hotel for history and cultural enthusiasts. The magnificent history and fascinating customs of Strovolos are on display at Averof Hotel. Warm rooms in a laid-back guesthouse with complimentary breakfast and a relaxing common room, located in the city’s downtown at 19 Averof Street, Nicosia.

Call in at 22 773447 and make a reservation for your stay for a one-of-a-kind experience and superior lodging.


Taking a trip to Strovolos isn’t necessary to feel at home else where. Whether you’re seeking a fun and entertaining location that everyone will enjoy, an intimate and romantic place with your spouse, or a remote getaway location for a solo celebration of yours, these local hotels provide only the finest of services!

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