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Strovolos At a Glance
Strovolos At a Glance

Strovolos is a small and modest coastal city on the southern coast of Cyprus, situated in Nicosia’s District. It was formerly known as Pano Episkopi. The city of Strovolos is an autonomous region within Nicosia’s state. The municipality of Strovolos is located in Nicosia District.

It is the most populous municipality of Cyprus, after Famagusta. For their local activities and historical monuments, it receives a large number of tourists each year. Here are some interesting facts about Strovolos, which you should be aware of!

History & Etymology

Strovolos is a city in the island of Cyprus and was named after the town of Strovolos on the mainland, which has a long history from being established during the end of settlement civilizations to its present position as an independent community.

The city of Strovolos has a wide range of activities, events, and festivals to enjoy. From the regular local restaurants and bars that locals and visitors alike adore to the wonderful local eateries and watering holes, both natives and tourists can experience Strovolos’ rich cultural diversity.

Population Data and Figures on Geography

With a land area of 25 km², Strovolos holds a significant populace of 67,904. The city of Strovolos is comprised of a truly varied mix of people originating from all walks of life and backgrounds.

With ECN still a ways off from the city center, it’s not surprising that Ercan airport sees hundreds of thousands of people passing through every day, whether for business or pleasure.

Culture and Popular Establishments

From a long history as a city and district of Nicosia, Strovolos has some of the finest restaurants and renowned hotels in the world. Please have a look at our top 5 lists for Nicosia’s finest dining experiences and fancy hotel rooms while you’re there.

While in the area, don’t forget to check out some of Strovolos’s most famous sites, such as The Cyprus Museum, Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, and A. G. Leventis Gallery, while you’re having a look around.

At the park, you can find everything you need for a fun day out. Whether you’re an art lover, want to spend a lovely day in the park watching animals, or just taking your children to see and learn about different species at the zoo, Strovolos has the spot for you!

Then, if you’d like to unwind with a cool night out, keep reading. In that case, you may go to one of the city’s most popular bars or restaurants to get some rest and relaxation after a long day.

If you plan your vacation correctly, you might be able to observe one of our annual festivals or special events. If you enjoy sports, you could attend a game or two at a local stadium. We’re confident that you’ll like your stay in Strovolos whether it’s for business or pleasure.

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Elysian Plant based Kitchen Bar Popular Vegan Food
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