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Nicosia At a Glance

Quick Facts and Everything You Need to Know About Nicosia, Cyprus! Nicosia, also known as Lefkosia, is the divided capital city of Cyprus. South of the border, on the Greek side, the Cyprus Museum has archaeological finds from the Neolithic to Byzantine periods, including the Aphrodite of Soloi statue. Nearby, the old city’s 16th-century Venetian walls include the Famagusta, Kyrenia and Paphos gates. Inside the walls, a marble mausoleum sits next to 19th-century Faneromeni Church. We’ve rounded up a few fun facts about the city of Nicosia that you ought to know!

History & Etymology

Named after Lefkosia, Nicosia has a rich origin background from being founded in the 10th century with its status today as an independent town. From the festivities and celebrations that the city regularly holds to the fantastic local restaurants and bars both the natives and tourists enjoy, Nicosia is home to a diverse community and complex culture and history.

Population Data and Figures on Geography

With a land area of 19.71 sq mi, Nicosia holds a significant populace of 116,392. The city of Nicosia is composed of a genuinely varied mix of people originating from all walks of life and backgrounds. And with NIC only a ways off from the centre of the city, it’s not surprising that Nicosia International Airport finds hundreds and thousands of people coming and going into Nicosia every day, whether for business or pleasure.

Culture and Popular Establishments

Coming from a detailed history as a city and part of the District of Nicosia, Nicosia hosts some of the best restaurants and world-renowned hotels. Please take a look at our Top 5 lists of the city’s premier dining experiences and fanciest hotel rooms for when you’re in Nicosia. And while you’re here in the area, you might as well explore some of Nicosia’s most well-known landmarks to make the most of your trip here, like the Buyuk Han, Machairas Monastery, and Panagia Asinou Church. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, want to enjoy a lovely day out in the park, or want to take your children to see and learn about animals in the zoo, Nicosia has got the place for you!

Afterwards, if you would like to unwind and enjoy a chill night in, you can go to some of the city’s most notable bars and joints to get a bit of downtime and relaxation after a long day. If you time your vacation just right, you might even be able to catch one of our Lefkosía annual festivals and special events. If you’re a sports fan, you could even see a game or two at a local stadium. Whether you come here regularly for work or are visiting on holiday, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay in Nicosia.

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Elysian Plant based Kitchen Bar Popular Vegan Food
Elysian Plant based Kitchen Bar Popular Vegan Food
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